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My Education:

Bachelor of Computer Science Master of Business Administration Seconday Education Coursework

My hobbies (Other than programming :) ):

Professional Career

Secondary Education Industry Experience
Secondary Education Experience:3 Years
Schools: Lone Peak High School
Professional Work Experience: 16 Years as a software engineer
Primary Industry Experience: Healthcare & Technology Education
Technology Experience: Web apps, desktop apps, web services, large scale corporate IT, databases, consulting.

Fun projects I've worked on recently

Raspberry PI running a remote control finch robot using TCP/IP (Code written in the C programming language.) DOBOT using Acrylic paint. (I programmed the driver using Python)

In 2018 I replaced the engine in my 2003 tacoma. This is a high speed video of that project. I love learning new things, especially when it comes to engines. My truck had a head gasket leak so I replaced it with a used lower mileage engine I bought from JDM engines.

I wrote a flight path calculator for a helicopter game. The flight path detects collisions and create a smooth flight path over the object using gemoetric line intersections.

This is a helicopter rescue game I created. The rescuer lowers himself down a rope onto the crab boat. I modeled the crab boat in Autodesk Maya from scratch. The mountain range is the actual Wasatch mountain range in the Salt Lake and Utah Counties. This was generated using a heightmap taken from party.io. The radar is custom programming.

In the spring of 2020 I took a 3D modeling class at UVU and learned how to build advanced models in Maya. This was my final project in the class. (Created from scratch.)

Here is a digital fish tank I created. All of the models, animations, texturing, and programming I created from the ground up. If you wait long enough, you'll see what grogu does with the fish!'

This next project is a 3D pinball game I made. I created and textured everything in the game except for the shark. The crab boat was modelled in Autodesk Maya. You can see it in the game at the top of the screen.